2020 is still the election year, and President Trump is still the master of the news.

Today’s masterpiece is a morning tweet-quarantine New York, by the evening it became a compromise: a travel warning stay away from disease-infested New York City. A message that is music to evangelical ears who see the metropolis as Sodom and Gomorrah.

It plays well to anti-Semites and anti-wall streeters who believe Jews, and Jewish lawyers from the City are robbing the United State.

And Trump gets their approval without uttering one word against Jews. In fact, it’s a no brainer for a Republican, New York City and Hollywood are the devil’s playground.

And that explains a larger trend, Trump’s approval ratings are rising to all-time highs, the disapprovals fall fast according to 538.com. Trump is gaining popularity about 200 days before the election.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are sidelined, they are not actively involved in fighting a deadly plague. What’s worst it is becoming impossible for Biden to wrap up his majority. The longer he must wait the more uncertain his lead becomes.

Governor Andrew Cuomo made the latest move. The April 28 New York Democratic Primary will now take place on June 23 a few weeks before the Democratic Convention.

In the meantime, Andrew Cuomo has shut down New York City and enforcing social distancing before national cable audiences. His plain-spoken come-backs-Trump is “grossly incorrect and ill informed”-displays the sting of the Governor’s sharp tongue. The contrast between his crisp talk and Biden’s stumbling speech is bad news for the Democratic front runner.

According CNN, “Cuomo’s pressers have become mandatory viewing” in the White House. The “New York governor’s command and directness driving Trump’s own desire to use the briefing room every day to drive coverage of the coronavirus.”

Neither Biden or Sanders command anything. They are on the sidelines. Cuomo is debating Trump.

And with New York joining other states postponing primaries until June, Biden’s majority is being postponed.

And to make matters worst four women have complained Biden touched them in sexually distressing ways. Videos are circulating about “Creepy Uncle Joe.” Bad news for the candidate who can only win with a strong vote from woman.

Joe Biden’s super Tuesday voter surge is dissipating. Will the convention end up picking the Democratic candidate?

Will a woman or Governor Cuomo become the Democratic nominee? In a year of abrupt changes more are coming.


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