Remember vote for Cuomo, not the homo? It’s back on very first day.

The New York Post, the Murdoch daily newspaper in NYC, caught Gov. Cuomo’s aide Christine Quinn baiting Cynthia Nixon for being an unqualified lesbian for her run to mobilize progressive Democrats against the Neo-liberal Cuomo.

A straight pol making that statement would have find her/his reputation destroyed.

Christine Quinn is herself a lesbian so perhaps she thinks it’s ok to make a person’s sexual orientation an issue in the political campaign. But for Nixon a mother of two,  the good news is that this ill-tempered attack will help her campaign.

When after years of waiting New York finally passed its state-wide gay rights bill in 1986, it caused scarcely a ripple.  One reason there was no backlash is that most New Yorkers thought it already was the law. In other words, “who you date” is a personal choice in this state.

That Quinn, a lesbian, should make a homophobic attack on Cynthia Nixon is no surprise. Quinn really doesn’t play well with others. Her fits of anger at gay leaders while she held the 2nd most powerful job in NYC–the leader of the City Council were legendary. In fact, Quinn was so annoying that when she ran for Mayor, she lost the LGBT vote.  It went to the current Mayor Bill de Blasio, a straight man whose wife had lesbian affairs.

Quinn’s blast at Nixon shows she can never learn. To make matters worst Quinn claimed that citizen activism does qualify a person for public office. Nixon, who played Miranda in Sex and the City, is a longtime activist, but Quinn “scoffed at the idea” that Cuomo “should tilt further to the left.”

It brought back memories of the 1977 mayoral race when Andrew’s father Mario Cuomo ran for Mayor against Ed Koch, a bachelor who lived in Greenwich Village. And flyers circulated saying “vote for Cuomo, not the homo.” When election day came Koch, the “homo” won.

Cynthia Nixon will appeal to the better angels of our nature and may well be the winner in the race for Governor. Christine Quinn just made her job easier.